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Dealing with Bindweed

My allotment plot has a fairly severe weed problem.

Last summer once I turned the ground over and the sun and rain had had a chance to create a favourable growing climate I was left to deal with a range of weeds including thistle and bindweed.

Both these weeds have substantial weed systems which grow in many directions.

Bindweed is the one I have the biggest problem with in that the way it tries to suffocate everything else makes something I’m not prepared to leave in existence with.

Thistle also seems to be more attractive to wildlife, particularly bees which visit from my neighbours plot.

Whilst it is satisfying to remove the weeds, unless you are able to remove all the roots they will grow (extremely quickly) when your back is turned. Young Bindweed shoots seem the most difficult to remove and follow the root of.

I want to avoid the chemical based option to kill these weeds, as I want organic food. Given the size of my plot the large-scale application of chemicals would also be a time consuming task and there is no 100% guarantee that it would work.

My solution is to grow in raised beds where I have removed as much of the roots as possible. I will apply a layer of newspaper and cardboard to act as a sheet.

I’ll be updating on my progress in the future, so watch this space.

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